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At Lansing Funeral Home we offer the following customized services:
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Traditional Funerals

Traditional Funeral Arrangements

The first step would be to write down your wishes. Indicate if you would prefer burial or cremation. Write down your ideas for the service you would like, cemetery choice, etc. If you've made those choices, or even if you're unsure, schedule a time to meet with one of our funeral directors who can explain the different service options, merchandzise choices, as well as the different ways to pay for the funeral.

  • Transfer of your loved one from the place of death to our funeral home.

  • Arrangement conference to determine specific desires for the funeral service.

  • Complete preparation of your loved one, including embalming, restoration, cosmetology, dressing and casketing.

  • A wide range of caskets and burial vaults.

  • An exquisite selection of prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, memorial folders, programs, and guest register books.

  • Coordination of service plans with clergy, newspapers, cemetery and fraternal organizations.  We work with families of all religions and beliefs.

  • Complete use of our tastefully appointed, spacious funeral home.

  • Use of vehicles necessary to provide services chosen.

  • Payment options:  cash, check, verifiable life insurance assignment, and all major credit cards are accepted. We also work with local credit unions to offer memorial loans if this is the best option.

  • Assistance and attention to detail in cases where death occurs away from home.

  • Assistance in ordering fitting floral tributes.

  • Custom life tribute DVDs.

Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Kindly review the "Traditional Funeral Arrangements" section. All types of traditional services are available to those choosing cremation.

Cremation defined: Cremation is the process of reducing human remains to their original elements by the application of intense heat or burning. A body must be placed in either a casket or cremation enclosure prior to the cremation process. Following the cremation, the cremated remains are typically placed in an urn for final disposition.

We offer an extensive selection of urns to choose from, including many that are 100% biodegradable, and we also offer a large selection of cremation and fingerprint jewelry.

Many families are relieved to learn that several options are available when cremation is chosen. The Cremation Service Options are:

  • Public or Private Visitation and Funeral Service (prior to cremation)

  • Public or Private Viewing Only

  • Public or Private Visitation and Memorial Service (after the cremation)

  • Immediate Cremation with no other services

Visitation is typically held at the funeral home and allows family members to receive condolences and support from family, friends, and the community. It can be private (by invite only) or open to the public. The specific time period is scheduled at the convenience of the family and depending on the availability of our facility.  Visitation can also be held in church or another venue of the family's choosing.

Private Viewing is also typically held at the funeral home and the guests are chosen by the family. It is not a public event and privacy is respected. Both types of viewing (public and private) allow the opportunity to say good-bye in a respectful, peaceful setting.

Funeral Services and Memorial Services may be either religious events or contemporary in style. They allow the opportunity for the family, friends, neighbors and colleagues of the deceased to express their feelings, share memories and lend support to those most affected by the death. Funeral Services are typically conducted with the deceased present in a casket, while Memorial Services often include the presence of the urn containing the cremated remains of the deceased.

Immediate Cremation is available for those who prefer no gathering or structured type of religious or contemporary service. The deceased is cremated promptly after death and the cremated remains are returned to the family.

Following the Cremation Process, the family must decide where the cremated remains will be laid to rest.  While many urns are attractive forms of art and may be retained by individuals at home, many choose permanent placement either in a cemetery or mausoleum. Others choose to scatter the cremated remains.  The knowledgeable staff at Lansing Funeral Home can discuss all of these options and answer any questions you may have.

The options listed above are simply for your consideration and reference. At Lansing Funeral Home, we excel at being flexible, creative and most importantly, attentive to your needs and desires. Feel free to contact our funeral home at anytime at 607-533-8600 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding cremation.

Natural Burials

Natural Burials

Lansing Funeral Home has been assisting with natural burials since 2006, and in 2009 was designated by The Green Burial Council as Tompkins County’s first approved funeral service provider.  We offer on premise refrigeration and have expertise in accommodating public visitations and home funeral vigils without the requirement of embalming.

A natural or "green" burial involves returning ones remains to the earth as directly and simply as possible and with a minimal environmental impact.  Natural burials favor interring your loved one in a simple wood or wicker casket, or a 100% muslin or linen shroud.  Embalming fluids and burial vaults are not used for burial in a natural cemetery.

At Lansing Funeral Home we offer a variety of American made eco-friendly caskets, shrouds and trundles.  We also offer an extensive selection of biodegradable urns suitable for earth or water burial.

While we provide natural burial services all over the Northeast, we most frequently work with Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve in Newfield, NY.  As a pioneer in the natural burial industry, we are lucky to have them in our back yard.  You can find information about Greensprings on their website at For information on other natural cemeteries, please call us at 607-533-8600.

Home Funeral Vigils

Home Funeral Vigils

Lansing Funeral Home is experienced in planning at home funeral vigils for those who prefer this option.  These typically consist of visitations that last several hours or even days.  We will work with you to ensure this is a possibility.

Following the at home vigil, the family can choose from either traditional burial options or cremation services.  Natural burial following a home vigil is also possible.

Anatomical Gifts

Anatomical Gifts

Lansing Funeral Home is honored to assist the families of those who have made an anatomical gift pledge to a participating medical school. A licensed funeral director is required to transfer your loved one from their place of death, file necessary paperwork and permits, and provide transportation to the selected anatomical gift program location within a set timeframe.

It is important that anyone choosing this option pre-registers with the program prior to their death or their gift cannot be accepted. We can also assist in planning a visitation or memorial service for those who wish. For more information on anatomical gift programs, please contact Lansing Funeral Home to discuss your options.