Discussing death is often difficult. A death in the family can create uncertainty for survivors which may be alleviated by discussion and pre-planning. Funeral arrangements, including traditional funerals and cremation services should be discussed openly and frankly, whenever possible. PlanningPre-planning and pre-financing a funeral or cremation service is a method many people choose to assist their survivors after death occurs.Careful counseling with an experienced funeral director can help you avoid unwise planning and will provide peace of mind for all involved. We recommend consulting those survivors who will be most affected by the death. Allow them the opportunity to be active participants in the decision making process, when appropriate.

Part of funeral or cremation pre-planning is pre-funding. Funds paid in advance of Funeral Services provided are held in Funeral Trust Accounts at a locally based banking institution. These accounts are interest bearing, with accumulated interest used to offset any increases in funeral expenses. These funds are placed in either revocable or irrevocable trust accounts based upon the Medical status of the individual.

No cost pre-arrangement conferences are available either in our office or in the privacy of your home. We are available at your convenience to discuss your wishes and provide further information.